Thursday, 8 February 2007

Why Online journalism skills are essential in the news industry

Ever wondered what the most essential and irreplaceable thing in your life is? your kids perhaps? your job maybe? don't be ridiculous they're not important to you, what you really need is online Journalism. For those who have not experienced Online journalism you have suffered long enough, the time has come to don your spectacles and embark upon a life of microwaveable meals infront of your computer screen.

This may seem a ridiculous idea to you but Online journalism is growing faster than Vanessa Feltz's waistline. The days of the local newspaper are numbered, they're on the way out, fading away like a little tiny ant into a little tiny piece of hay. In its place Online journalism is slowly engulfing its competitors.

So budding journalists must ask themselves the question, do you want to ignore the fact that Online journalism is taking over and fade away into the wilderness of Media Siberia or do you want recognise this fact, embrace it and become a Media God.

Online journalism skills hold the key, if you have no skills you are no use to anyone, your a bafoon, especially in the Media world and gaining skills in the areas that are to be most influential is of vital importance. Online journalism is slowly evaporating the need for other forms of journalism and so skills in this area will determine whether you are to suuceed or fail like the big failing failure your destined to be. Journalists you hold the key to your destiny, don't let yourselves down.

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Todd Nash said...

Beautiful, just beautiful